Endings & beginnings


So, right now, my life looks like this. I lie on my couch in my living room, laptop on my lap. What I see are boxes, clothes, dirty glasses, yoga mats, yoga tools, dog food, frizz bees and more… This could make me feel overwhelmed when a thought like ‘what a mess!!’ would cross my mind, now, however, I feel inspired to sit down, relax and start part ONE of my blog.  So, last week Sunday, my house was neat and tidy; I organized a last minute house warming in my tiny house. The renovation was finally complete and I wanted to celebrate my tiny house with my friends, ready as it is to receive human beings, to allow life to be fully lived. I enjoyed an afternoon of connection with my friends. Then, Friday, I finished a whole month of 200H Yoga Teacher Training with YogaWorks. This meant saying good bye to a lovely group of people and 2 teachers I very much appreciate, with whom I spent a lot of hours practicing, learning and growing together.  I felt sadness when we said good bye. And I felt excited, not knowing where this path will take us all, trusting we will meet again.  OK. Back to the organized mess. Why this mess after just finishing renovation? Well, here it comes.  We will be living in a house on wheels for a whole year, traveling through Europe and Morocco in our camper. ’We’ are my partner Bart and his daughter Lilli, my sons Micha and Ezra and our dog, English Cocker Spaniel Luna, and myself, Floortje.  We don’t know where we will go exactly. Sure, we have an idea of our route… What I mean is that we want to allow ourselves to be touched by people, nature, places… and so let ourselves be guided which way to go, where to stay, when to leave. Isn’t that the art of listening to life?  Where it will take us, what will happen, we don’t know. It is a dive in the deep when you choose to live a life of surrender.  That’s my dream: listening to life and surrender to it. Fully. I don’t expect it will come easy. Life is not easy, is it? I would not call life ‘easy’, knowing pain, sorrow and suffering… And isn’t that just what can give life it’s beauty?  Through this blog Bart and I  want to keep you posted of our journey.  I hope you want to travel with us.


We are Floortje (40), Bart (45), Micha (8), Ezra (14), Lilli (8) and doggy Luna (5). We are an extended family who will travel through Europe and Morocco for a year, starting 1 August 2017. The core group is Bart, Floortje, Micha and Luna. Lilli and Ezra will join us in their school holidays. Lilli lives in Berlin with her mother and Ezra lives in Amsterdam with his father.  We are passionate about Yoga and Nonviolent Communication. During our journey, we want to live yoga and NVC; in our family, in our lives, with the people we meet; in the way we live together and in the way we communicate with each other.  We want to share our passions with other people by sharing NVC and teaching Yoga in group sessions, giving empathy sessions and offering mediation based on NVC.


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