Tuning in

Ready for take off…. Go! And there we fly towards a new horizon. For the first time since

we left in September, Micha and I (Floortje) are flying to Amsterdam. We are at the start of another phase of our adventures. We left Zahora, our home base for the past months. And Zahora stole our hearts. It is where we found our rythm together. It appeared to be easy to slow down there, tune into our bodies and listen. Life’s pace is slower here than we are used to in Amsterdam and this supports us in sensing what we need. Ofcourse, having a home with all the basics created space too. 

Before we landed in Zahora we were struggling to find a way to tune into how to live together as a little community. This started with Micha. How to support him in finding his way through the day? It turned out that he needed more structure and predictability throughout the day, so he knows more or less how the day will unfold. This gives him a sense of safety and clarity, as well as space to feel relaxation and play. On the days we did not offer this, which was often at the start, he could have anger explosions. Since we give him this structure, Micha is more relaxed and he gets more and more creative in playing. Bart and I, however, enjoy not knowing where the road or day will take us. So how to balance those differences? We found a way to support Micha by using ‘Mijn Eigen Plan’ (My own plan). It is an app in which we create a daily structure that he can look into every moment that he wants to. It gives a sign when an activity is starting or finishing, like lunch or screen time. Micha likes it and it works for him. I am very happy to say that 9 times out of 10, since we started with this plan, he prefers to play outside above his nintendo! It does ask quite some input from our side; keeping the plan up-to-date every day, which means talking through our plans for the next day, preferably every day…. And that means a time investment. How to keep ourselves motivated? How to make sure I am not doing anything with a ‘have to’ energy? I know that the moment there is ‘have to’ in me, I won’t do it! I rebel towards have to’s, each one if them I resist. I found out that the only way to stay motivated, is to stay connected to WHY we are doing it. What does it give US? Which needs are fulfilled for us? We support Micha in the structure he needs, because his well being effects our well being! When he is more relaxed, we experience more relaxation too! And this means more fun, more playfulness and more cooperation

for all of us. It means more space to share empathy between Bart & me, to mention another thing.

Staying close to ourselves is a daily practice. I am very happy that our time in Zahora was super helpful for that. Being so close to nature, meeting people who inspire, living the simple life and listen to life and what we need; how grateful we feel for our time there and having this opportunity. We leave Zahora. But Zahora doesn´t leave us.

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